Thursday, February 18, 2010

What are you giving up for Lent?

Mr. Beachy and dicussed giving up several different things. We've landed on red meat (and being from the midwest this is no easy sacrifice). It will be interesting to see if this makes a difference in our overall health. I'm also excited to make new meals with a big ingredient off our menu. If you have a favorite Lenten recipe, please share! We kicked off Ash Wednesday supper with fish tacos.

What are you giving up?


Deanna said...

I'm giving up a couple of annoying relatives for Lent. ;) You can read about it here:

As for recipes, we have been eating about 90% vegetarian recently and I've found some great recipes on the Meat Free Monday site. When I find especially good ones I try to blog about them here:

Northern Girl Southern Living said...

I'm giving up chocolate, I would love to hear if not eating red meat changes your overall health :)