Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A peek at our dinner.

Just wanted to share a couple photos of our meal at the Venice Cafe & Wine Bar from Saturday night. Mr. Beachy took my sister, B-I-L, and me out to celebrate my sister's pregnancy. We ordered stuffed portobello mushrooms and scallops in great sauce for appetizers. They also brought us freshly baked bread that was amazing to dip in the sauce.

Mr Beachy ordered a bottle of pinot noir for himself and me. I think Layer Cake was the label. It was complex and delicious.

I ordered the Ahi Tuna. It was by far the prettiest presentation, but unfortunately the worst dish. I ordered it rare and seared. There was no sear on the tuna. It was like they just warmed it up in a pan and brought it out. The salad under it was excellent as was the wasabi dresssing.

My sister had the crab cakes with butternut squash. Both were very good.

Mr. Beachy took this lovely picture of his filet mignon. He really liked it. Meat and potatoes. What more does a Nebraska boy need?

Didn't get a picture of BIL's meal. He ate a plate of BBQ ribs at my house so he ordered a Chicken Satay appy for his meal. He said the peanut sauce was the best he's had.

I have to say for the price I expected better overall, but I liked it enough that I'd give them another shot. For lunch.


Sweet CuddleCakes said...

That Ahi Tuna looks delish!!!!! Thanks for giving me a lunch idea today!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Congrats to your sister :) They all look really yummy!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

They all look so delicious!

Amy said...

That is very disappointing about your tuna! I am pretty sure I would have ordered the same thing as it sounds delicious. The rest of the meal sounds pretty good. Hopefully it was just an off night. But I agree, lunch next time!