Friday, May 22, 2009

Second Installment: All-Time Favorite Things


Raise your drink if you love 'em!

I had only used Tervis as a child until just recently. (My Grandparents brought some back to Illinois from their winters in Florida). They keep cold stuff cold and hot stuff hot and not just for a few minutes either. For HOURS. They even have straws & lids that fit the cups so they're perfect for the beach, the pool, or golf.

I won't spill my daquiri in the pool anymore!

You can get them clear, colored, personalized or in a huge variety of designs. This is one of my newest:

I have four so far (including a Manatee, Turtle, and Flamingo) and would love to change out all those plastic cups in my cupboard with these. Here's the coolest part: If your Tervis breaks or you want a new design you can send it in to the company (or in my case, take it to the Tervis Store) and they'll replace it!

Best drinkware ever!


Miss Madras said...

Love the Tervis tumblers!

simpledaisy said...

Those are so cute!! I think I might have tobuy one~

Sarah said...

Love it!!

Preppy Pugs said...

So cute. I never knew about these tumblers. I was looking at their site, and oh my gosh the designs are endless. I think I need the pug tumblers!

Southern Savvy said...

I heart my Tervis Tumblers! Sweet tea just tastes better in a TT.

Kelly said...

Love mine too. Coffee in the morning. Ice cold Corona in the afternoon.

Deetree said...

I am also a big fan of Tervis tumblers - am constantly using them. They are the best! Do you shop at Bealls? They also have a big selection and also lots of other cool house things (Florida based store) to check out.
Love your post, as always! yay for living in FL!!!!

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Just found our blog!Love it!
Fan of Tervis here,too!And if you have a Beall's Home Outlet,they have 'em cheaper there.