Thursday, May 21, 2009

An All-Time Favorite of Favorite Things

I love the aqua color of the ball mason jar and the feel of the metal lid. Simple. Watery.

There are so many uses. The obvious being canning, but since I don't have a garden here are some other uses for these pretties.

Drinking glasses, of course. I prefer red wine in mine. ;)

Flower Vase. Nothin' prettier than a bunch of wildflowers on the kitchen table in a Mason jar.

Cotton ball, Q-Tip Holder - Organizer of all Bathroom, Spa needs

Button Jar. I bet your Grandman had one.

Dry Goods Storage. The big ones are nice for tea, coffee, sugar & flour.

Leftovers. Send your guest home with a jar of your homemade soup or pasta sauce!

Votive holder. The aqua give off such a pretty candle-glow.

Pencil holder, office supply organizers. At the office, these can give your desk a nice homey feel.

Food gift. Fill will M&M's, nuts, etc.

And how about this:

A Soap Dispenser! Since I got a raise this week, this is what I'm getting to treat myself!

UPDATED: You can get one too! Shop here:


Some Like it Southern said...

love mason jars! and I love that little soap dispenser - where did you find that?

Some Like it Southern said...

and congrats on the raise too! =)

Miss Madras said...

Mason Jars are the best! I have a few filled with seashells. Love the soap dispenser too. Please share where you found it.

Dani said...

Love your blog!

(Maybe because I live in Minnesota and I'm jealous???? Just maybe...)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh wow that soap dispenser is just adorable! I found a few aqua mason jars out at a beach thrift store this weekend.. two large and one small for only $3! I will be posting about it sometime soon! Love aqua mason jars! :)

Carlotta said...

love the jar!