Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas at the Beach

Shelling sticks

How pretty is this?

Hope everyone's Christmas was merry! It's been a busy week here in southwest Florida.

Above are some pictures from our day at Caspersen Beach in Venice yesterday. My sister and her family came to visit this past weekend which included her husband's 4 year old daughter. We don't have kids come to visit often/never so it made the weekend interesting and EXHAUSTING! We did have great weather and managed to find a couple dozen shark teeth and a bag full of shells!
I also had a chance to use of one of my favorite presents from Mr. Beachy... my new shelling stick! Here's a picture of it with my new Florida boogie board. The sticks are used to pull the shells out of the water and sift the sand. So fun!
Anyway, I hope your Christmas was as nice as my first one in paradise.


Natalie said...

:-O! I totally want a shelling stick.

It made me smile that when I read "Venice" I could picture just where you meant because now I've actually been there.

Happy Holidays,


The Mrs. said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas!

Mia said...

awww, i totally WANT one of those sticks - and a beach to use it on. awesome :)