Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just some odds & ends

This week I've been getting back in the swing of things after a wonderful four days off for Thanksgiving with Mr. Beachy.  Thanksgiving was a quiet day in with a healthy and delicious dinner.We took a day trip to the island of Boca Grande on Saturday.  I did some Christmas shopping and found a lot of really nice things while Mr. Beachy worked.  We had a wonderful lunch at the beach at South Beach Bar and Grill - where we had dinner on our wedding night and headed home for a relaxing evening of sundowners on the lanai.  The rest of the weekend I decorated for Christmas.  I'll post a picture of our Christmas Palm Tree later tomorrow if I remember to take one tonight.

I've also been learning the updatedWeight Watchers plan this week.  I've been following WW since August and it's wonderful!  It's the easiest diet I've ever been on.

I wrapped up most of my holiday shopping this week.  I have a couple more gifts to buy but I know what I'm getting so it shouldn't be difficult.  I used the internet for my family's gifts and just had them sent directly to my Dad's house.  Easy peasy.

So to recap, life is good and the livin' is easy.  Hoping the same for you this holiday season.

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Solar Powered said...

Life is good and livin is easy in these parts too. Good to hear from you. Hope you have a happy holiday season!