Saturday, February 6, 2010



The National Weather Service has issued this weather advisory…... “A rare freeze-over of Hell has caused a strong upsurge in the climate along the Gulf of Mexico that has affected and will continue for the next two weeks to affect residents, particularly in South Louisiana. What began as a poorly defined movement, that has been watched by the National Hurricane Center for over 40 years, quickly strengthened in the late hours of Sunday evening with the eye centering over the Louisiana Superdome. Forecasters have had their eye on the wave as it increased in intensity beginning in mid-September and, except for a brief weakening in late December, has gone unstoppable, resulting in a first ever named Hurricane Who Dat. Forecasters predict Hurricane Who Dat to make landfall on Sunday evening, February 7th, in Miami. This Hurricane brings Shockey waves, a strong Brees and the eye is Sharper than ever. Beware of this strong storm as it has knocked birds out of the skies, like Eagles, Falcons and Cardinals. It has even take down a few Jets. Many animals have been injured as well Bengals, Lions, Buffalos, Panthers and Rams. The magnitude of the storm is so powerful Giants, Patriots, Buccaneers, Raiders and Redskins have been struck down. And you are definitely not safe in the water - it has taken out Dolphins and has even sunk a Viking ship on its path to Miami . Ranchers are warned to protect their little colts, as Hurricane Who Dat can destroy them as they have all other animals in their path. Colts are being advised to retreat to higher ground. While Colts can swim, it is predicted that they will not be able to withstand the Shockey waves and strong Brees Hurricane Who Dat is packing. Residents are being warned to take Hurricane Who Dat seriously. Stay tuned to your local television station for updates.”


Deanna said...

That about says it all! Will stay tuned to our local channels for the update!

simpledaisy said...

Too funny!!! I am not a big football girl....but I read this to my husband and he loved it:)