Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Redneck Yacht Club

This past weekend Mr. Beachy and hitched a ride out to Little Dog Island and got our redneck on at the Redneck Yacht Club of Englewood's Shark Attack 2009 Party!

Here's what we hitched a ride on:

It's a platform on pontoons (being towed by the boat you see) carrying something that I can bet you've never seen before.


People were lined up to ride this beast (and no, I wasn't one of them)!
There were hundreds of boats and plenty of beer and bikinis.

Talk about passin' a good time!
It was a hot, gorgeous day on a tiny island in sunny Florida.

Plenty of pirates!

I've always had the boating bug and everytime we go to an event like this it makes me want to buy one on the spot! We're biding our time for now, but we can't wait to get our own and start going out to things like this more often!


Thom said...

Hey Y'all!
Don't forget to visit www.redneckyachtclub.com to get your RYC gear! Flags, tank tops, koozies, t-shurts, CDs, we got it all!

(one of the writers of the song)

Ambs said...

That looks so fun! I didn't know Redneck Yacht Clubs existed outside of that song! I wish I had a lake nearby...