Monday, August 3, 2009

The Happiest Hour

I'll admit it. I've been a terrible blogger lately. I do have an excuse! I've been out enjoying the sun and sunsets every chance I get!

We have had the best time the past couple months with our pool buddies. Almost ever night after work and on the weekends we pack our beach bag and a cooler of margaritas, rum and diets, wine, champagne or beer and head for the pool for "Happy Hour(s)!" We stake out our own little corner of the pool just the right "bar height" and hang out. It's the best bar I know! You never need a designated driver, you can just make the short walk home and along the way enjoy the birds and turtles on the 2 lakes. After 8 hours at work in an office with no windows and battleship gray walls (you wouldn't even know you were in Florida!) it's all I need.

This week, I'll try to get you some happy hour pictures. I'm also heading to my sister's this weekend to go along to her 3-D imaging appointment for her baby! The recipe for the dish I'm taking to her house is coming this week too.


Solar Powered said...

sounds like perfect hour. have a great time with your sister. ultrasounds are the coolest - so glad you will be with her!

The Mrs. said...

Sounds like happy hour is sooo happy!

Freck said...

This sounds amazing. I've decided I'm now going to live vicariously through you and your pool days.

Stereos and Souffles said...

Drinking in my pool is definitely my preferred location.