Thursday, May 7, 2009

Instant Vacation

I'll get to the $20,000 question again soon, but I have another question for you...

Have you tried this yet?

I received my first bottle and I am ordering mutiples for myself and if you are my mom or sister you're getting some of your own!

Here's just a few of the reviews:

"I could sit here all day telling you how amazing this stuff is, how fantastic it with my designer perfumes, I've paid $85+ AN OUNCE for some of them........this stuff by far is in my top three favs of all time!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It's not over powering, yet the stay power is AWESOME!! Honestly, I don't think there will be a single person out there who'd not enjoy this!!"

"This is hands down, the best summer perfume ever!! I love the smell, and I can't stop myself from smelling my wrists every few minutes. Very fresh and light. I'm about to buy four more. This is a fragrance that I can see myself wearing every day."

"Buy it !!!! Thats all I can say if you can get a few get them ....It's a perfume I always wanna have an extra bottle or two laying around really it is that good. I hope this never gets discontinued."

"This has a fruity, beachy scent. I love it!! It is not overpowering. It smells so good, I just want to keep smelling my wrist!!!"

Times are tough and I can't afford $60 and up perfumes anymore. This one smells like those but costs just a fraction at $16. I think this is a scent for everyone!

Shop here:

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Nice to see ya on here again :) Thank you so much for the review on this perfume. I wanted to try it but wasn't sure what it smelled like or if others liked it. I will have to try it out :)