Monday, April 27, 2009

Instant Vacation: Costa Rica

I am so excited for this new fragrance from mark. I just got my demo bottle and am in love with this scent. Don't tell anyone but it's only $16!

Iced watermelon and pink guava combine for a fresh and fruity tropical retreat. Indulge in this ripe, ravishing fragrance inspired by Costa Rica. Juicy iced watermelon and pink guava provide a succulent introduction while notes of Costa Rican orchid and warm sand accord create the ultimate adventure.

These "Instant Vacation" fragrances from mark come out every summer and this one is the best yet! I don't like anything heavy and these are always light, fresh and perfect. I get them every year and usually 2-3 extra since they are limited, not to mention you can get several of these fragrances for the price of just one at the department store.

Also available is the Gradual Tan Moisturizer for just $8

And the Body Smoothing Exfoliator for only $10!

I love this cute scarf for a headband.

And this tropical tank is adorable!

To shop just click .

You can also go to the MARK link at the side of the page.


MissBliss said...

the perfume sounds delicious...

love the scarf!

Surf Girl said...

The perfume sounds so yummy! Have you used the gradual tan lotion? I haven't heard anything about that one. I'm always on the lookout for a good self tanner. :)

Northern Girl Southern Living said...

Ooo I'm looking for a new scent, I'll have to try it out!

simpledaisy said...

The tank top is super cute!! I'll have to check it out~

Happy Daily said...

Everything looks so good!

Deetree said...

I have 2 questions: does that scent (which sounds soooooo great) last, and where would a person go to smell/test it? :>