Friday, March 13, 2009

More of my town...

When Mr. Beachy & I moved to our little Gulf Coast paradise, we had never set foot in the town we chose to live. We arrived at 7:30 at night after an all day drive from New Orleans. We had rented an apartment we had only seen online. Imagine how lucky we feel to have picked such a great spot!

(Again, I am using these photos from flickr).

The "greeter" at Mi Pueblo mexican restaurant

More fun at the Venice Rookery. The birds here are amazing. We live 1/2 a mile away from here so we see many of the birds on the lake our home overlooks as well.
Great Egret


Brown Pelican

Venice Pier
Pier (off Sharky's Restaurant)

Venice Beach

Sharky's on the Pier

Another Banyan Tree on W. Venice Ave.

South Jetty (approaching storm)
The only problem with living here is working here! I just want to sit in the sun and drink daquiris all day, or shop downtown, or run off to Sea World, or walk on the beach, or collect seashells... Anything but go to work!!!
This weekend I'm hoping we can make it up to Anna Maria Island. We haven't been there yet and I'll be sure to post some pics if we are able to go. Happy Friday y'all!


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PLD said...

I love Venice! We visited when we were staying in Siesta Key [I think that's the name of the place?] awhile back! Great photos, for some reason when I think of Venice I think of the downtown shops and ice cream? FUN! FUN! FUN!

simpledaisy said...

Looks fabulous!! I would love to see pics of Anna Maria Island...that's one of the places i'd like to vacation!!! Take care~