Monday, February 16, 2009

So bad... but so good!

According to Mr. Beachy I have a new talent! Can you guess what it is? No, not that!

It's making homemade EGGROLLS!

Here's what you need:

Ground meat (beef, pork, chicken) 1/4 lb
Finely shredded cabbage 1/2 head
Diced carrots - about 3/4 cup
Diced celery - about 3/4 cup
Diced onion - 1 medium
Soy sauce
Sweet 'n sour sauce
Hot mustards
Vegetable oil
Eggroll wrappers

Brown and drain your choice of ground meat.

Add diced veggies, cabbage, a few splashes of soy sauce and lots of freshly ground black pepper. Cook on medium to medium high until cabbage has wilted a little and carrots are cooked. Salt to taste. You shouldn't need much because of the soy sauce.

Remove from heat and let the mixture cool a little bit.

While it's cooling, heat about a 1/2 inch of vegetable oil in a skillet to about 375.

Set up a little assembly line with your filling mixture, wrappers, a small bowl of water to wet your fingers (dampening the edges of the eggroll wrapper help seal it), a plate for precooked eggrolls and a plate for the ones coming out of the skillet lined with papertowels.

Add your filling to your eggroll wrapper following the package guidelines on how to fold them. When you have 4 - 6 made up add them to your skillet to fry, turning frequently. These cook up fast! Drain on paper towel and let them cool for several minutes. They will be extremely hot.

Before you know it you'll be ready to eat. Have some fun dipping sauces ready. We like sweet 'n sour, wasabi mustard and hot mustard.

These are also a great way to clean up leftovers. Use your imagination and change up your fillings! Next on my list? Southwest eggrolls!


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Jigging in J.Crew said...

Southwestern Eggrolls are always a hit! I made them this year for a superbowl party and they were GONE! Try this recipe:
There are a lot of ingredients, but I didn't worry about the Avacado sauce and it was worth it!
Happy Cooking!

sweet tea in a pink glass said...

Check out my blog, I tagged you!

Barefoot in the Park said...

i am so impressed! looks FABULOUS. i HEART eggrolls

The Mrs. said...

You are my hero. I'm coming right over! LOL! Have to make these!

Erin said...

Thanks for the recipe, these sound so good!

preppy little dress said...

those look delish!!!