Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day Shots

Braised Green Beans with Mushrooms & Chopped Pecans

Turtle Pumpkin Pie - Just look at all that oozing caramel.

Oyster Mushroom Dressing - Mr. Beachy doesn't really care about dressing (it's my favorite) but he said it was the best he's ever had! I can't wait to eat some for my lunch today!

Mr. Beachy carved the turkey before I thought to snap a picture. It turned out beautifully but I did goof it a little.
I bought a small 10 pound turkey and when I pulled out the "innards" bag it was just a neck. I thought that's weird... but maybe because it was small that's all I get! Right? Nope. Mr. Beachy was carving it and found the bag with the rest of the "innards" shoved up into the neck! I had washed and dried and seasoned that bird with out finding it!

Hope your day was goof-free!
( I noticed that some of these pictures look a little dark and it may look like I burned our food! It really wasn't burned and everything was delicious!)


Jill said...

Yumm... you're Thanksgiving food looks so good. I love the recipe for the Pumpkin Turtle Pie.

Danielle said...

Food looks fantastic! I am not really a pumpkin pie fan but that one looks delicious!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Looks yummy! That pie looks sinful! :)