Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My favorite...

Clothing Shop: Lately, I've been shopping at Bealls for clothes and Target for shoes. These are tough times people!

Furniture: I haven't been furniture shopping lately. The most recent furniture purchase was a dining room table and chairs from Rooms To Go. It is from the Coconut Grove Collection and it is gorgeous. We are in the market for a new bedroom set and don't you think it won't be beautifully beachy. I am also getting ready to begin refinishing a little drink table for our lanai. I'm planning to top it with sea glass colored tile and do a white washed finish on the base. Can't wait to show y'all!

City: Key West. Oh, how I love that town...

Sweet: My own Key Lime Pie. You can find the recipe in a previous post.

Drink: Wine, wine, and more wine. If I can't have wine I will drink water, diet coke or unsweetened ice tea.

Music: Kenny Chesney (love his boat music), Jimmy Buffett, Jack Johnson, James Taylor, Bob Marley

TV Series: Jon & Kate plus 8

Film: Shag! Bevo anyone?

Workout: Depends on the weather - swimming or walking.

Pastries: Not really my thing. I'd much rather have sushi or tacos or pizza!

Coffee: Rarely. We don't own a coffee maker. If I need a shot of caffeine I'll hit Starbucks because I have a bunch of giftcards.

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Kate said...

I love watching Jon and Kate while I workout. Such a cute show!