Monday, October 20, 2008

Lucky Old Sun

Whether it's starting to get chilly where you are and you need something to keep you in "beach-mode" or if you already live in paradise and need some great boat music, Kenny Chesney's new CD is it! I loved it from the first track. Some of the song titles include "Boats," "Key's in the Conch Shell," and of course "That Lucky Old Sun." Also featured are Dave Matthews, The Wailers, Mac McAnally, and Willie Nelson.

I bought my CD at Wal-Mart and it had a bonus CD with live music and videos.

Click here to take a listen:

It's so great!


tickledpink said...

I love Kenny Chesney! He puts on a great show! I have also seen him in person when he stayed in Destin a couple of nights. He is a lot shorter in person, but still cute!:)

Solar Powered said...

ahhh...just blogged today that I'm back on the Kenny bandwagon. I'll be checking this out so I can pretend I'm at the beach.