Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Save the Manatee! And Sea Turtles!

We recently got our new license plates. I chose this:

Isn't it cute? In honor of the new plate I put a temporary new header for my title!!!

The new plate design was done by Nancy Blauers, a Margaritaville Merchandising Senior Artist who designs "Margaritaville lifestyle" products for Margaritaville stores. Florida's previous manatee license plate design was approved when the plate was enacted in March, 1990. Since then, 559,000 manatee license plates have been sold, raising nearly $34 million. Proceeds go to the Save the Manatee Trust Fund, the primary source for Florida's manatee research and conservation.

My boyfriend got the turtle:

In 1995, a statewide effort was initiated by the non-profit Caribbean Conservation Corporation (CCC) to establish a Florida Sea Turtle Specialty License Plate to provide a permanent funding source for the state's Marine Turtle Protection Program. Thanks to the efforts of CCC and other Florida sea turtle groups, in 1997, the Florida Legislature (Statute 320.08058 (19)) authorized the creation of a Sea Turtle Specialty License Plate to promote the conservation and protection of Florida's sea turtles.The Sea Turtle License Plate was first offered for sale in February 1998 and quickly became one of the most popular specialty plates in Florida, raising over $1 million annually.


Prep-E Girl said...

I love the manatees! They are my favorite!


PS - Cute blog!

Anonymous said...

Awesome custom plates (with a purpose too)!

Randall said...

Oh, I love Florida's vanity plates - all 1,000,000 of them. The manatee and turtle are my favorites along with my university alma mater that I proudly sport. I'm all for helping a good cause!

Preppy Pugs said...

Have you tried Manatee Coffee? ( Part of the proceeds from their coffee sales go towards the manatees. I have tried their "Tropical Delight" flavored with coconut, hazelnut & caramel. Mmmm very good. You can purchase their coffee online or at Costco.

preppy little dress said...

how clever, great idea!!

The Lining of My Life said...

oh..I LOVE manatees AND turtles....those are really cute