Friday, August 15, 2008

Best. Lip Gloss. Ever.

I am in love with this gloss. Best $5 you could spend. If you aren't sure what color to go with try Pink Crush. Here are some reviews:

Belle of the Ball says: The lipgloss is amazing. It's better than my favorite Chanel lipgloss and even Lancome juicy tubes!
From customers:
"I buy these all the time and can't get enough! They moisturize my lips so well and last longer than most glosses. Plus, they look great!"
"Out of every type and style of lip gloss that I've tried throughout my umpteen years of applying makeup, this has got to be my most favorite gloss. It's light but not too watery/runny. It sticks without sticking your lips together. It's minty and refreshing without numbing your lips. Perfect in every way. This comes from a person that has around 50 different types of lip gloss. No joke. :)"

If you would like to try this favorite of mine, please visit my store at:


Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

As far as any makeup goes- I only use Bare Minerals. No minty stuff-it doesn't feel like your'e wearing any makeup.

Em said...

This is great; I am always looking for new, great lipglosses!

Have a great day!