Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beach Review Log - Part Two (and a baseball game)

Sanibel/Captiva Islands

Sanibel Lighthouse

Sanibel Beach

We took a day trip to Sanibel and Captiva last weekend and had a great time. We headed to Sanibel first. We were at the beach by the lighthouse. As soon as we got in the water we were just feet from a couple of dolphins that were playing that day. I bet we watched them for 20 or 30 minutes. I went shelling for a little bit and found a few that I took home. (I am planning to make a picture frame and a mirror with the shells.) The beach was mostly made up of small shells, but the sandy parts were fine and white. The water was beautiful. The walk to the bathrooms/shower, however, was insane. Granted, it was pretty to walk over a boardwalk through all the Florida foliage, but if you had to REALLY go to the bathroom, you'd be in trouble.
After a couple hours on Sanibel we jumped in the car and headed to Captiva to see the difference. On our way, we stopped and split some shrimp tacos at a little mexican joint across the street from the Bubble Room. Delicious! We also walked across the street to the Bubble Room and shared a slice of Key Lime pie. I had heard some great things about this place, but if I did this again I would skip this place. Quite frankly it creeped boyfriend and I out a little. It's full of old toys and dolls and memoriabilia and it smelled pretty musty.

The Bubble Room

Anyway, we found a secluded beach across the road from (and don't quote me 'cause I'm not sure of the name) the Flamingo Cafe. We hopped over the guard railing and headed out onto the prettiest beach of the trip. The waves were rolling in and the shells were the best I've seen in Florida so far. I could just sit in the water near the beach and pick up handfuls of the beauties. We walked about 50 yards out into the water and played on a sandbar in ankle deep water. The whole thing was just gorgeous. There were storms around that day and we dodged the raindrops, but the clouds made a perfect backdrop for the sinking sun.

Siesta Key

Yesterday we went to the northern end of Siesta Key. I had not seen such pretty sand since my last trip to Panama City Beach. It was blinding white, powder fine and cool to the touch. I was in love! This was also my boyfirend's favorite beach we have visited so far. There were no shells to speak of, but that was fine with me. It was a great day. We have a big inflatable sea turtle that we use for a float and also for a cooler caddy. This was a realy fun place to use it. I can see why the Travel Channel named Siesta Key the #2 beach in Florida. The facilities are also great. There was a pavillion with restrooms, showers and refreshments, as well as other beach access points with showers that were a little more secluded. The one we used felt downright private with the sea grapes surrounding us while we rinsed the saltwater off.

Siesta Key's White Sand

Tampa Bay Rays Game

This past Sunday we went to our first Tampa Bay Rays game. Tropicana Field was really nice. This is the last year they are playing there though. There are not enough suites which equals not enough $$$. My favorite part though was the ray tank out near center field. You can go to the tank and pet/feed the rays. After the game we spent some time in downtown Sarasota walking, eating and keeping hydrated. If you find yourself in the area, try the salsa and the ceviche at Two Senioritas.

Tropicana Outfield and Rays tank

Rays Tank


Solar Powered said...

those beaches look heavenly...

N.M.B. said...

Annnd when will you be traveling down the keys!?!? I'm sure Country would LOVE to take you and the boyfriend out on the boat to catch some cuda's!

Life, Love & Lola said...

Love Siesta Key! My parents still live right over the north bridge to the key in the house I grew up in. Next time you're there try the SKOB (siesta key oyster bar) Great food & Music

The Mrs. said...

We had a bubble room near my college and I loved it. The blue cheese bread would nearly kill me! I loved it! Can't believ the Rays tank!!! So cool!

Amanda said...

I wonder if a baseball ever accidentally ends up in the rays' tank? Could be a rude awakening.