Monday, June 9, 2008


I've really been neglecting my blog lately, haven't I? It has been a crazy weekend of saying our goodbyes to friends and preparing for our new life/lifestyle so I hope you forgive me.

We spent Friday running around packing and doing errands including getting new tires on my car for our long trip. About 4:00 we jumped in the pool and spent the evening there with some friends of ours, laughing our asses off and drinking too much.

The next day was just more of the same. We had a little pool party and grilled hot dogs, brats and burgers. All told, we spent about 12 hours in the pool that day (see the infamous pool above).

Yesterday we stayed inside until about 2:00 an then headed out to the pool to meet up with our friends again. This time we called it an early night since we all needed to rest up for work today. I have so many loose ends to tie up here.

After I pick up about 456,751 boxes tonight to finish our packing I'm pretty sure we will be headed to... you guessed it... the pool.

By the way, I am trying to think of something to get my dad for Father's Day this Sunday and my mom for her birthday on Monday. I'd like to combine the gifts so its something they both can use. So far I've some up with a restaurant gift certificate or Omaha steaks they can grill this summer. I have to get it online since I'm so far away... any other ideas?

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