Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bugs, boxes & beaches

So last night, I went out on the porch to get yet another box to pack. As I put it down, I can hear a bug flying around a torcherie lamp in living room. The lamp is metal and I am almost positive the bug was a large dragonfly (which are everywhere down here right now). I look up to see if I can see it. As I do, there is a loud buzz and a small puff of smoke comes up from the light. Boyfriend says, "I told you that lamp is hot," and goes back to sipping his martini. I swear it was something out of a cartoon.
Moving update: Boyfriend is loading the moving van today and tomorrow while I finish up at work. We will be driving to our new home on Friday. Our moving van will arrive early next week so we will be sleeping on an air mattress and sitting on beach chairs this weekend. That also means we don't have to do ANYTHING until the moving truck arrives. It will be a nice break. This weekend we will have nothing to do, literally, but sit on the beach. Here is a picture of the beach near our home.


nanny said...

sounds like a perfect weekend. Enjoy!

Life, Love & Lola said...

Enjoy the beach! The weather here has been wonderful. Prepare for afternoon showers...followed by beautiful sunsets!

Butterfly in the Wolfpack said...

That's funny. The dragonflies are good things--they'll eat all the mosquitoes :)

Have a safe move!!

The Mrs. said...

This is so darn exciting!!!