Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Coastal Glassware

I adore this etched glass collection from Home at Sea. Our "glassware" is a mis-matched collection of cups and glasses from bars, stadiums, alcohol promotions and Mardi-Gras parties. I would be in heaven having a set like this. Everything is perfectly coordinated down to the cocktail pics and drink stirrers. Don't y'all think I should own the entire collection?!?!


Mindy said...

So cute! I love love love those!

M.A. said...

Oh wow, those are beautiful!!! Love them!!!

Kate said...

Love those! They'll be perfect in my future (imaginary) beach house I just posted about ;)

Jody said...

I adore this set too, and hope to own it one day.

Lovely blog!

It's just another day in paradise, right!