Thursday, April 17, 2008

Naming my boat...

"Some Like It Southern" asked me about boat names, specifically, what I would like to name my future boat. Funny you should ask "Southern" as I happen to have a list! Of course the actual name would depend on the type of boat and where it would be docked and/or sailed to (I have put a lot of thought into this), but here is my list (so far):

Dock Holiday
BAYA (be as you are)
Hip Nautic
Someday Came
Boat Drinks
Conch Fritter
Beach House
Just Beachy
High Life
Outta Here
Seagar (for bf - he loves cigars)
On the Rocks
Sun-Tanned Toes
Somewhere in the Sun

Do you have a boat with a name or an idea for a great name? Let me know!


Life, Love & Lola said...

I love "Someday Came" what a great name!

Life is Reed-iculous! said...

i probably wouldn't actually name my boat this, but i thought of it years ago and it is my ebay name: "haulin aft"

N M B said...

I protect my boat name like I protect my future kids names!! I'm afraid someone will steal my idea!

The Mrs. said...

Well, Just beachy of course!!!!

First Boat said...

My vote's for Just Beachy. You liked it enough to name your blog, so why not your boat?

First Boat said...

Great boat name conversation, btw. I posted on the boat name blog.

Some Like it Southern said...

I loved all of those! I'm not sure what I will name my boat. We'll see. But I really like all the names you came up with!

Elizabeth said...

One day I will be cruising on the Salty Magnolia!! (copyright protected) :)

Beaufort Belle said... the salty magnolia

I have several names that I keep to myself in hopes of one day naming my beach house and a boat!! But I do like the name "Aquaholic" :D

Have a great day!

disa said...

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