Friday, March 7, 2008

The Way to a Man's Heart 101 (a.k.a. meat & potatoes)

I received rave reviews from boyfriend last night for my beef stew which started out the night before as slow cooker pot roast so I will post the recipe:

Pot Roast
quartered potatoes
bag of baby carrots
chuck roast
2 packets onion soup mix, pepper
1 beer
Layer potatoes in bottom of large slow cooker. Add chuck roast and baby carrots, then onion soup mix, pepper and beer and add water to almost cover meat. Set on low. I let mine cook about 11 hours. I saved the leftovers and stock.

Beef Stew
Last night's stew went like this: On medium in large stock pot/dutch oven add leftover stock, roast potatoes and carrots, 1-2 cans of good peas, bay leaf, ground pepper and turn to to high. As it starts to boil add the combo of 1T water and 3 T water to thicken the stew and continually stir for a couple minutes. Reduce temp and serve. (I also added about a cup of leftover egg noodles we had in the fridge but they aren't really necessary.

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